April 12, 2016 – Kingsway Stadium, Madeley, Western Australia.

‘This was the fight of the night’ – Bill Seth, one of the promoters of Nemesis fight show, mentioned after the event.

Parviz dropped Patterson several times during the fight with the knee in the jaw, spinning back elbow and liver kicks. However the tough Irishman kept getting up and with no even a blink of giving up, he was coming back strong. He also threw a good left elbow in the fourth round which made a cut above the eye of Belarussian fighter.

‘At the very end of the third round I saw Gary’s nose was broken and moved to the side of his face, I appealed to referee, making him check if everything was okay. It is a health issue.’ – Parviz said.

‘Dr Golden properly examined Gary, making sure he was okay to go. However I was a little bit shocked how somebody would keep going further in a fight when some parts of your face are pretty much broken. It is not a hand, it is a face’.

‘Gary is strong, brave fighter with a big heart, titled as Australian champion, trained by Thais at Rungchai gym in New South Wales.’

‘So I am satisfied for our team with the victorious outcome. Although I should probably stop watching Sudsakorn’s fights and being lazy in the last two rounds’ – Parviz concluded.