When I Build The Team

For over five years I am promoting Australian athletes, manage them, and send to compete across the Planet. This is the WKN Australia Top Team.

Several leading Australian muaythai fighters are combined in the internationally renowned team, including Taylor Harvey and Robert Powdrill.

Taylor is the very first man who I sent across the sea. By a coincidence it happened that he traveled twice to my native land, Belarus. We really have a family spirit with him too. In Minsk Taylor represented Oceania, the whole part of the World.

Last week I received a request from the WKN World Office to combine a squad from over here.

The research didn’t take long. Rob Powdrill, Christina Jurjevic, Taylor Harvey and Bryan Harris are the four penciled on my list.

My presentation, that also includes tale of the tapes and general information, says the following –

The list below is a combined team of the leading Australian muaythai-boxers from three different states.

The athletes are chosen in accordance to their sport records and popularity, nationally and internationally.

Each athlete of the team will be preparing for the competition in their own camp.

Parviz Iskenderov is a team manager, in collaboration with the World Kickboxing Network.