Perth Fight Night of the Year & Surely WKN

It is all now coming to the logical conclusion – one of my well-known quotations. WKN sanctions title bouts at Nemesis 11 Perth fight night.

When we’ve touched bases with Patrick Talbot last week in regards to the date of the next Nemesis fight show that is now set for Saturday 23 May, he has mentioned that Bill Seth and himself are targeted to promote a super show.

We’ve looked through the penciled fight card, that among already announced famed participants like Robert Powdrill, really features an eminent solidness of Muay Thai Australia.

In the terms of the ‘Super Show’, the Western Australia has not seen any bigger events in five years, since Aussie Muay Thai icons Nathan Carnage Corbett and John Wayne Parr claimed the WKN world titles at Domination events.

This was when the World Muay Thai Magazine (2010) released the news on the World Kickboxing Network branch in Australia with Darren Curovic and myself.

Post five years, Nemesis 10 promotes five prestigious WKN title bouts of different ranks, including the clash of the continents – Australia v Greece.

Media release on FIGHTMAG: Muay Thai Nemesis 10 Perth Fight Night Leads With WKN

In the terms for the Nemesis 10 fight show to be a real gala , it is required to follow one more loved quotation that I’ve heard on the beautiful Gold Coast where we’ve been hosting the Total Carnage WKN world championship fight nights: ‘As long as the lights and sound are good, we will be all right’.

As well as the dancers and the ring girls who turn a fight event to an admirable fiesta, there must be a ‘Special Guest’. Fight Night Saint Tropez: Lebanner vs Akhramenko – WKN World Title (2013), has seen Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone.

For Nemesis 10 we have a couple of celebrities in mind, so let’s see if the dreams come true.

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