Fighting Big Name, Mark Sarracino

In six weeks I am fighting renowned Queenslander Mark Sarracino at Nemesis 10 Perth fight night at Kingsway Stadium, Madeley, WA.

Our release on FIGHTMAG this morning provides some information regarding this match with Mark Sarracino, alongside the details on the actual show.

On here, I would just say that it is interesting to fight a local fighter from Down-Under who has a real established name since years.

Basically, the way I was told, Mark is one of the Muay Thai Australia elite, of the same breed of those eminent Aussies like Nathan Carnage Corbett, Wayne Parr, Kurt Finlayson and my brother (from another parents) Taylor Harvey.

I’ve known Mark for his fight with my friend from motherland Andrei Kulebin, when they clashed in Hong Kong six years ago. Also, I think, we’ve met at one of the events in Melbourne a couple of years ago.

My friend Ed Zouroudis, promoter of Total Carnage, told me today over the phone, that it is a really good and exciting fight for me.

Our challenge will be one of the seven main bouts at Nemesis 10 Perth show, that seems to be the fight night of the year in Western Australia.

You will likely find the answer on ‘Why’ question in my previous post here.