Aftermath. Sharp Game Outlines

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. There is always an outcome, consequence, aftermath.

There is always aftermath. The question is whether you are satisfied with the outcome.

Am I happy with the win? Of course. Was it meant to be an elbow win? Yes.

My trainer Top Sangmorakot had been spending hours on me daily, and he clearly told me he wanted a knockout win by elbow. So did I.

As known, it was the second round stoppage by the doctor due to a massive lip cut.

Was I ready for a five-rounder tough challenge, though? Yes. We knew my height advantage, and Mark’s much better boxing skill. We’ve trained for it.

Am I happy with my actual performance? Partly.

What I dislike, is playing ‘Mayweather’ style on the back foot ‘running’, if you know what I am saying. I suppose, I was still on the first gear. It was all over too quick.

What I’m satisfied with, is again, that uppercut elbow which is thrown contrary your opponent’s hooks when he goes in. We trained it and it did the job.

What I had to say in regards to the actual injury I have clearly stated on FIGHTMAG here.

I was told by a few Muay Thai specialists, who have witnessed the fight, that it was a ‘world-class’ and ‘best condition I’ve been seen’. Honestly, I am not sure about this, but it is always nice to hear kind words from those who know and mean it.

What I am really pleased with, is Misagh’s win. I am proud of him traditionally demonstrating the actual school.

This is, as they say, due to dedication and hard work, combined with the knowledge and care of our trainer Top Sangmorakot, who we both appreciate.

I’m grateful for everyone who were at the event, along with my people across the ocean always showcasing their massive support.

There were two people whose words I’ve received practically a half of an hour before the walk-out. Darren couldn’t come to the show, but told me I was in good hands with Top. Emily wished me good luck and made me feel there was no exception but win.

The sad part of that day was unprofessional blind judgement of Walter’s fight, along with practically identical story happening to Brendon in Sydney, featuring Billy’s defeat. Adam’s right, a ‘mixed bag’.

What is next is pretty simple. I am sending Team Australia overseas, releasing FIGHTMAG cover dedicated to 10th anniversary and fighting again soon.

And if you get it then you just might not know what to do with it, because it might just come back on you tenfold.