FIGHTMAG – Asskicking media coverage of asskicking!

The quote above is how Rob Powdrill described Fightmag in the graphic he posted on Facebook. I believe he is right too. We are succeeding in what we do in both aspects: being the leading fight media alongside actual fighting in the ring. Proved in action, as they say.

Last May I blogged a few details about how this all has come together. In this post I just would say, that yes – Fightmag will definitely expand. We will be always becoming much Bigger and Better.

Here is today’s official release: Fightmag Enters Second Decade

What I pride myself on, or maybe it will sound more simple to say what I am really happy with, – is the result of our work. This is that feeling of winning and accomplishment, which everybody enjoys to experienced.

Being the King, knowing that it is like this, because of you. However, don’t get me wrong – the head does not go big. I am just amused with the perfect outcome of our work, that’s all.

Today on the ‘Ten Years’ day, I traditionally receive a great support from our Cold Company friends. We also had a chat with ‘The Carnage’ Nathan Corbett, talking about all sort of stuff, including our up-coming media project. Rob Powdrill topped up the bill with the collage he shared. Such a loyal and respectful man he is.

I realize there are those who always try to tag Fightmag, our crew and myself. But, one is that none of us losses sleep over it, and two, as a suggestion, try to dedicate your heart and talent to something for ten years. If you can do honest work and success, there might be some solidness behind your words about someone else’s work. There are always those who appreciate nothing. ‘Those who need to know – they know,’ my trainer back home Dmitry Pekarchyk always tells me.

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