There is barely ever something I doubt about people. Misagh Norouzi is the following example.

By the quote above I mean that I basically always can, pretty much, straight away figure out ‘who is who’. There have been a few ‘errors’ of course, however, in a way or another, sooner or later, it always comes to exactly the same renowned ‘logical conclusion’.

In regards to Mr Norouzi, when 8 months back he’s said he wants to fight and surely achieve certain things in sport, it gratefully didn’t take me long to clarify for myself what was required, and the outcome is what we are ‘dealing’ with now.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still just a ‘westerner’. Misagh’s harder task was to convince the Thai that he is valued his time. Now I am confident that our trainer Top Sangmorakot is on the same page as me, if you know what I am saying.

Last month I’ve released the following on FIGHTMAG – Misagh Norouzi Goes Extra Miles. Just have a read, so I am not repeating myself on here.

Misagh Norouzi won his fifth fight last Saturday night in Perth.

To reflect the title of this blog, I will post a few facts –

1) Misagh fought a double experienced opponent. He was 2-2 versing 6-2. So it’s double.

2) Misagh has not ‘produced’ any of the double kicks we’ve been working on. We’ll have to train it double hard now, obviously.

3) Believe me or not, but Misagh has been also awarded as the ‘fighter of the night’, so it’s a double win on one show.

I am not really bothered of how ‘show off’ this post may sound. I am obviously not trying to talk our fighter up, simply because – there is no need, when the facts are on the table.

Here is my very eloquent video blog on Facebook – an impression minutes after the bout.

Oh and by the way, trust me – his head can not go big either. This is because of two simple things: one – is his personality, and two – is that I am quite good in kicking in head myself, if you know what I am saying.