Elucidation from Carnage

Nathan Carnage Corbett: It is a pretty simple decision to make.

There is always something that bothers you. There is always something out there, on your plate, that makes it a little bit complicated.

It won’t be a secret that none of us ever enter the ring being all those hundred percent ready – and mentally and physically. Physical injuries or ‘shattered’ state of mind, or both.

I am fighting this weekend. This week, the fight week, started with a few, umm, let’s call it difficulties.

Obviously I am an experienced fighter, as they say, and whining about problems is not what I do. In fact, I do not really have the word ‘problem’ in my vocabulary. I call it a ‘situation to face and certainly resolve the way I want it’.

It is quite easy. It simply takes a bit of time. Yes, the time – ‘timing is everything’.

What if there is not enough time to fully dominate the ‘issue’? The fight week is like any other week, right? It lasts SEVEN days only.

The answer from Nathan was from the renowned series of ‘let me tell you something that you might already know’.

“You obviously never pull out from the fight.”

“No matter what it is, that bothers you, you just go through it.”

“Inside the ring, when you see that man in the opposite corner – the question is: whether it is me or him?”

“Whether it will be you who wake up every morning with a scar across the face because of that smashing elbow, or it will be his problem to deal.”

“It is a pretty simple decision to make.”

“You are a warrior. The bell rings. It is on!”