Misagh Can Do Better

Misagh Norouzi defeated John Morfit early March in Perth.

We all agree it was neither the most beautiful performance, nor what we have expected. However we had no doubts in victorious outcome.

I believe that the prediction of how the fight will go ahead is equivalent to zero. Fight is a fight, where everything can happen. Well, McGregor ‘knew’ how some of his fights would end, right. But to be honest I think it’s just his ‘accuracy in delivery’ was in action, e.g. real time performance of techniques and strikes that he has trained hard. In comparison, we all knew that at 99% ‘Carnage’ would take KO win via elbow-strike, if you know what I am saying. What if not, we have all recently seen too.

My opinion is that Misagh showcased only 10% of what he was capable of. One of the issues we’ve been working on, since the following Monday after Friday’s showdown, is the range. The right distance for the strikes to properly land. To find that necessary comfort zone, where you are not just throwing hits, but actually deliver them to the exact place you target.

What has amazed me in that fight, is the mind transformation. In between the rounds we attempted to force Misagh to switch from one mental phase to absolutely another. He did too. This normally comes only with the experience, when the connection and comprehension between athletes and trainers is that strong, so there is a need of only one person to think for both. One think, one does.

Fighters will clearly understand what I mean by this… Renowned ‘can’t get off the first gear’, ‘can’t be a different fighter every round’, ‘can’t stop doing what I am doing and start doing absolutely a different thing that my trainer says’, ‘I hear everything my trainer says, but something stops me from doing it even I easily can and I know it is right to do what he says’…

Trainer Top Sangmorakot clearly said ‘He can do much better. No [body-weight] balance in this fight, but he hits hard.’ Indeed, the training compilation below sees much more potential.

In the change room after the fight Misagh said ‘Man, it’s embarrassing how I fought.’

Today I’ve asked him of how he see this fight now, ten days later, emotions free.

“My last fight wasn’t the fight my trainers and I were expecting performance wise. I personally was expecting a cleaner and stronger performance of myself, but in the ring it came out to be like a first fight fighter which is disappointing,” he said.

Just don’t get any of us wrong here. We did not over-estimate Misagh’s abilities, and we did not under-estimate John’s skills either. Prior the fight he has been unbeaten in seven fights, so we were aware of the task to do.

The day after the bout John posted on Facebook a message of appreciation to his fans and supports. Among everything he said that he “didn’t get the win last night. Had my first loss to a skilled opponent who fought a bloody good fight. Congrats on the win mate.”

In reality the question for us is an ‘expectation’. What did Misagh, Top and myself expect from a 19-year-old who has trained for just over a year? Indeed, he has updated his record to six fights with four wins.

Of course there was no doubts in the win, even one of the judges managed to score the fight as a draw. The main outcome is that we have a list of mistakes to correct, certain things to improve, keep learning and continue challenges taking on [by the book] stronger and more experienced opponents.

Never the less, Misagh finalized a six-fight procedure that is required in Western Australia, where an athlete must go through those bouts in the equipment – shin and elbow pads, body and head guard. After each accomplished bout one of the items is taken off. This kind of ridiculous ‘calculation’ towards a ‘pro’ is one of the regulations by WA Combat Sports Commission.

In any way Misagh is ready to start his ‘gear-free’ venture that is equivalent to professional muay thai fighting.

We certainly continue building a new name for Australian Muay Thai. Therefore I’ve set up Social Media profiles for Misagh on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where we will post relevant content.