Chances of Throwing

Taking chances, take no chances, no chances taken. Chances you will not regret. Some of us don’t get a second chance.

According to history already telling us today, I’ve failed to become Australian champion last weekend in the bout against Chadd Collins. It’s not that you get dozens of equivalent chances on the daily basis either. Moreover, it was a real national title fight with what understood to be the two leading super-lightweights from two different sides of the continent.

Those close to me, know the circumstances that I was swimming in ahead of the shot, including the level of my personal involvement in setting something up, that is now recognized as the biggest promotion in Australia for the first half of 2016. Proudly.

I had that chance and went in, disregarding the factors around it. I presume what I am saying right now may sound pretty cloudy, however I prefer not to go into details since it will certainly sound like a bunch of lousy excuses.

‘Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity. To seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment. Would you capture it, or just let it slip?’

Eminem’s quote above describes practically what we’ve faced. My own life experience also shows me an obvious way by doing ‘this or that regardless what’, rather than not even trying to do any of that, if you know what I am saying. The last always leads to a forever-question-with-no-answer ‘what if’. However I also support a ‘I’ll do my best… Losers always whine about their best’ quote. Moreover I accept ‘but sometimes you gotta take a loss. And have people rub it in your face before you get made pissed off’.

Clearly, life right-here right-now is slightly different from The Rock film quotations and Eminem’s lyrics. However both certainly come from life and can be applied on it when the time is right. Timing is everything. The last bit from Em’s say regarding getting ‘made pissed off’ is beautifully describes my stance of being angry at the situation, this is true.

Anyway, before I completely get carried away in philosophy and nonsense, let me try to put few things together about the actual bout.

As expected, spoken and known Chadd is an experienced versatile striker. He is a very nice and friendly person by the way, as well as all Team Queensland. This is also probably the best part of our sport – there is no rivalry, we are all doing one thing, which is the Art of the Eight Limbs, based on the discipline and respect.

So yes, yes, the fight. It was a five-rounder with Chadd taling the win leaving no questions. During the last three minutes he cemented the outcome with a cut and two knockdowns.

What I have done in the bout is, one, that I honestly don’t remember much of the actual fight, and two, is that from what I remember there have not much been done out of a complete potential. As I’ve written above, I ain’t gonna speak about the ‘reasons’ since after-fight they don’t matter anyway. However it falls onto chances, and the chance has been taken. Therefore regardless the outcome, there is no nightmares. Heartily, I do believe I can do much more better.

I believe, a direct comparison line is easily seen next to two of my challenges with Tyler Hardcastle last year. I was fortunate that the brave-heart Tyler gave me a shot with the second bout.

In regards to the bout with crafty Chadd, on Sunday morning after Nemesis 11 event where it happened, we have spoken with Darren Curovic to put a rematch at the best Australia’s show for the second half of 2016. It obviously is the Domination 18 Perth fight night: Toby Smith v Vitaly Gurkov on Saturday 22nd October. Darren is practically now already discussing an opportunity with Chadd’s camp. The chances are traditionally 50/50 if they take the proposal to defend the title or not.

I though anticipate to quote Eminem with the following: ‘Guess I’m lucky, some of us don’t get a second chance, but I ain’t blowing this one’.

Truly, I don’t take chances no more. I go in no matter the risk, considering a chance in front of me as my last chance, if you know what I’m saying. It might controvert one another. Though what I am trying to express is not only something to do with Muay Thai. It’s about life in general. Likely getting wiser finalizing the second decade. When it comes to fighting – every fight is the last one.

Thanks very much everybody. Keep on fighting.