Combat Sports: 2017 Year in Review

Combat Sports in 2017

This passing year has been full of events in the world of combat sports. However what is the most memorable, what was that historic event happened in twenty seventeen?

Hands down the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor showdown in the square circle is something we’ve never witnessed before in combat sports. To date “Money” Mayweather is the only man to retire undefeated in 50 professional boxing bouts, surpassing Rocky Marciano’s record. “Notorious” McGregor, UFC lightweight champion, is the first man to switch from Mixed Martial Arts and went up against one of the greatest in the Sweet Science. Hate it or love, but that what has happened, and appeared to generate the biggest hype.

As a personal remark, I would say it was great for the promotion of both sports with two the most recognizable characters on the front page. What I did not like – the actual bout was promoted through “hate”. There have been quite a few disrespectful and nasty things said.

The next, I would outline the sensation Jeff Horn caused for Australia, when he defeated renowned Filipino Manny Pacquiao. To my knowledge no Australian boxer has put the country on the world’s map the way Horn did. Being an absolute underdog with almost no recognition outside his homeland, he became a real World Champion, eliminating one of the best of all times, Pacquiao.

The devotees of Mixed Martial Arts were pleased with the return of Canadian MMA great Georges St-Pierre. After a 4-year layoff from competition “GSP” stepped inside the Octagon and defeated the defending champion at that time Michael Bisping of England.

For Muay Thai the year was historic with the Sport making its debut in The World Games. This was the first time when the representatives of “The Art of Eight Limbs” had the opportunity to battle out for IFMA Gold in a full medal sport, at the event recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). In addition, a series of Thai Fight events took place in a number of European countries and Asia.

Kickboxing Planet has been traditionally highlighted by World Kickboxing Network (WKN) and GLORY World Series. Helping popularize the sport globally, the prestigious sports governing and the leading promotion of today, have held a number of the international events throughout the Globe, with the new champions crowned and the emerged names.

The most importantly, I want to outline the names of our fellow Muay Thai fighters Jessica Lindsay and Jordan Coe, who are no longer with us. Nevertheless, they will never be forgotten.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018. Keep on fighting like a real warrior.