Superkick with Cezary Podraza of WKN Poland

Following our two-day¬†travel from another side of the Planet, we’ve landed in Polish city capital Warsaw. The place reminded me Belarusian Minsk.

To simplify, although Poland is a part of European Union, you can still feel that vibe from the previous epoch. In addition, regarding the way people communicate with each other, it is incomparable to Australia. Well this is just my opinion on Warsaw.

On the second day we caught a train and traveled to a smaller town called Sosnowiec. Lilian posted about the journey late last week on her website.

Sosnowiec is a city-base of Cezary Podraza. Known as “Superkick” he is a former seven-time kickboxing world champion.

In 2011 Cezary brought his fighter to our Domination Muay Thai 6 event in Perth. In 2013 two of his athletes took part in Total Carnage Fight Night on the Gold Coast.

Five years later, here we are catching up in Cezary’s home country, on the other side of the Globe. This is what Sport does – connects people from different Nations.

Cezary is now in Thailand, while we’ve visited Belgium, and today landed in Greece. There will be more footage uploaded on FIGHTMAG YouTube channel in the coming days.

The next stop is back in Warsaw this coming weekend. This is where Tomasz Sarara and Tomasz Mozny contest for World Kickboxing Network Super Heavyweight title, which I am honored to supervise on behalf on WKN.