Vlog: Misagh Norouzi, Domination Muay Thai 20

This vlog is dedicated to Misagh Norouzi, Perth fighter, representing Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym. It was mostly filmed last Tuesday (May 29), on our first day back in Australia, following a two-week journey with Lilian Dikmans through Europe.

As of the day before Misagh was on a “fight week” leading to his seventh bout featured on the card at Domination Muay Thai 20 held this past Saturday (June 2) in Perth, where Toby Smith captured WKN World Middleweight title, scoring the third-round stoppage win against Sam Gough.

Misagh Norouzi was going through the ropes for the first time in two years. He started training in 2015. Within a year of training from scratch he has recorded four wins out of six bouts. The most recent bout, which was declared as a unanimous decision win, updated his record to 5-2.

As for revision of the bout, Misagh looked very “rusty”, which is understandable. Nevertheless, several things worked well enough, including famed “Sparta kick”, as well as mental strength, which is fundamental.

In summary, there is a solid base to work from and to progress.

The clip also features Jordan Godtfredsen, who co-headlined Domination 20, taking a unanimous decision wins against Roy Wills. The blog footage from our European trip is available on YouTube.