Front push kick techniques with Dechsak Sangmorakot

If you’ve ever done rounds on pads with a Thai trainer, you will definitely recall the “Teep” saying along the way. Known for westerners as “Push Kick” or “Front Kick”, it is one of Muay Thai techniques used to keep the opponent away, while remaining in the comfort zone. It is also certainly a powerful strike.

Following the previous episode of Round 2 which shows one of the ways to block a clinch attempt in Muay Thai, the fourth clip is dedicated to Teep. It features Thai trainer Dechsak Sangmorakot and Australian model Lilian Dikmans at Kao Sok Gym in Perth, where they demonstrate and practice a number of push kick techniques, as well as a series of training exercises which can help with improving skills.

The Teep Kick is indeed popular. There is a trend on social media developed by Muay Thai devotees across the world, who share their photos and videos on the weekly basis, with the “Teep Tuesday” hashtag stated in the caption.

Topping up the bill, the Front Push Kick is quite famous thanks to the 300 (2006) film. The “This is Sparta” scene features Leonidas who “teeps” a delivery man from Persia, resulting in the latter falling in a hole.

The next series of Round 2 is scheduled to showcase left switch kick techniques. All previous videos can be found on FIGHTMAG channel on YouTube.