Muay Thai techniques: Left Kick

Muay Thai is “The Art of Eight Limbs”, where the fighter’s arsenal includes punches, elbows, knees, and kicks. The latter is arguably the most common when it comes to stand-up fighting, apart of “The Sweet Science”, of course.

Kick, of any kind, is a powerful weapon. It can be executed from a long and middle range. It can be also seen thrown when breaking up (exiting) the clinch.

Being able to land a solid kick requires a number of things. Among everything, the balance, coordination, flexibility, and of course, a proper technique are fundamental. By the end of the day you are throwing your leg, which is pretty much one of your two wheels, if it makes sense.

Following the Front Push Kick tutorial released last week, the fifth episode of Round 2 is dedicated to Left Kick. The clip features Thai trainer Dechsak Sangmorakot and Perth fighter Misagh Norouzi (5-2) who demonstrate a variety of techniques at Kao Sok Gym in Forrestdale, WA. The list includes an inside leg kick and switch body kick, as well as the counter kick against punches, and more.

For me personally, I find left kick as one of the most devastating strikes. It is also quite useful when fighting a southpaw.