Muay Thai defense techniques against Left Knee attack

Muay Thai knee strikes are some of the most useful techniques when it comes to stand-up fighting. “Knees” are used in both ranges: from a distance and in the clinch. It is something that helped evolve the “low kick” style of kickboxing to oriental, commonly known these days as K-1 rules, thanks to the famed Japanese promotion in 2000s.

One of the most frequently asked questions is not even how to properly execute a knee strike, but how to defend against it. Among everything, the sit-up exercise is certainly a must, as well as conditioning of the body.

The very first episode of Round 2 covers some of the aspects of Left Step-up Knee techniques in Muay Thai. This week, the clip features Dechsak Sangmorakot who shows one of the ways to defend against such strike, as well as counter-attack with punch, elbow and right kick.

The next chapter is scheduled to demonstrate a variety of Inside Leg Kicks. The previous clip covers a series of Left Kick techniques.

All videos can be found on FIGHTMAG channel on YouTube.