Muay Thai Teep Tuesday with a few shots

Teep Tuesday is a popular trend. On this day Muay Thai practitioners from around the world share their photos in social media, showing an execution of this technique, also known as front kick or push kick.

In August we have released the fourth episode of Round 2 dedicated to Teep Kick. The video can be found here.

Below is a few shots from some of my bouts. Too busy to pick one, so here is a lucky eleven. Some are used as a defense, some as an attack.

A tip how-to Teep

Not being a specialist, what I’ve, somewhat, learned back in Belarus, is that you lift your knee to almost touch your shoulder, and then throw the leg forward, while slightly turning the hip. You can land it with a hill, flat foot or toes, depending on how flexible you are, range, opponent’s height etc.