Muay Thai Techniques: Inside Leg Kick

Legs are the wheels of a vehicle. Without them the latter won’t move. Thus, for a Muay Thai fighter it is quite logical to attack an opponent’s legs, in order to worsen their mobility.

“Chop the leg” is a saying that can be often heard during the bouts. Moreover, a leg kick can be used as a counter-attack.

Round 2: Inside leg kick techniques in Muay Thai

This week Round 2 covers the various Muay Thai techniques dedicated to the inside leg kick. The clip features Thai trainer Dechsak Sangmorakot and Australian model Lilian Dikmans demonstrating a number of methods and training exercises.

Among everything, the list includes an inside left kick to the front leg; as well as right, when it comes to facing a southpaw. As well, a counter-kick which lands to the opponent’s standing leg, when they throw a kick to the body or head.

The previous episode shows one of the ways to defend against a knee strike in Muay Thai. The next series is scheduled to demonstrate a Spinning Back Elbow technique.

All videos can be found on FIGHTMAG channel on YouTube.