Combat Sports on Flipboard RSS feed app

One can say the industry of combat sports is a narrow niche. It is perhaps indeed quite far from food, health and fitness, for example, where almost everybody can relate.

Nevertheless, each fighting discipline has its own fans. Whether it is due to history and tradition of Martial Art itself like Muay Thai, or classical boxing, which arguably sees its roots in the bare-knuckle fighting.

We also have UFC, the leading MMA promoter of today, that built such stars as Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, as well as American kickboxing which evolved as Full Contact from Karate and once hit the mainstream thanks to Japanese promotion K-1. All this has played a significant part in popularizing combat sports globally, consequently generating a dynamic newsline.

News is perhaps something like a feed for people’s brain. We consume information, analyse it and can also apply in daily life.

In addition to hard copies, TV screens and computers, the mobile phones appear to be one of the most common ways how people receive information today. You are most likely reading this via a digital device too, right? Arguably all of the world’s leading newspapers, magazines and TV networks have a solid presence online, where the most recent information can be easily obtained via a number of platforms and apps.

FIGHTMAG on Flipboard

In addition to Google News, Apple News and Microsoft News (Bing), you can now also read FIGHTMAG on Flipboard. The latter is a popular RSS reader app.

Our Flipboard Magazine features a complete FIGHTMAG newsline, equivalent to what you can see on site. Moreover, you can also find tonnes of combat sports content shared by other users and publications.

Fossbytes featured Flipboard in its “6 best free RSS Reader apps for 2018”, where it was outlined as “one of the best RSS reader apps”. Android Authority has Flipboard in its Top 10. (This is not an affiliated post).

In addition, earlier this week I blogged about WordPress Flipboard RSS without plugin. It might be helpful for those trying to find a way how to customize and extend WordPress RSS feed and add content to Flipboard.