Blog about Muay Thai blog

Well, this is a Muay Thai blog of someone, who has been devoted to “The Art of Eight Limbs” since 1998. This marks the first time when I stepped inside the ring. Feels like if it was just yesterday though.

First things first. Earlier this year we filmed a few instructional clips dedicated to learning. These Muay Thai training YouTube videos can be also found on this website, covering various aspects, including elbow strike basics, how to break clinch, teep push kick technique and more.

Recently I also shared several posts with ideas for Muay Thai training for beginners. So called insightful and in-depth articles cover basics for those who start their journey in the sport originated from Thailand, with its first play dated mid-18th century.

One of the most recent blogs is dedicated to women’s Muay Thai training. “Girl Power” speaks for itself, and it has indeed been a significant part of sport on the international level for quite some time now.

You can also find thoughts on how to stay calm in a fight, as well as other Muay Thai tips including “payback” (counter attack), how to spar a guy when you are a girl and the other way around.

This website also features several videos of my Muay Thai fights, as well as training clips. In conclusion, if you like to read, you can check out my review on Creed 2 (2018) movie, following Southpaw (2015) which can make you cry.

I also run editor’s column at FIGHTMAG, where this Muay Thai blog can be found as well. In addition, we have recently made it available on Flipboard which you can follow here.

The new content will be getting released as it happens. There is always something going on, whether it’s a fight preparation or coaching someone else, or media work covering the events.

More videos are available on YouTube. So you can subscribe.