The year kicked off with UFC 234 held mid last month in Melbourne. It was my third visit to the Australian capital of kickboxing since 2012, when a number of World Kickboxing Network title bouts were held in the city, including the appearance of Nathan “Carnage” Corbett.

Indeed, while Queensland and WA are known as the Australian centres for Muay Thai, Capital of Victoria has been reportedly popular among kickboxing devotees. Nevertheless, a number of world-class Muay Thai bouts have been held in Melbourne over the years.

Perth has been my home town for almost a decade. Yet, the decision to move to Melbourne was inspired by “Elbow Master” Nathan Corbett who had relocated to the US last April.

The idea is to certainly remain in combat sports, as well as keep developing in the entertainment industry, with Melbourne emerging as the place to be. Perth, with its beautiful beaches, is dubbed as one of the most remote cities in the world, which one can say makes it slightly inconvenient.